Not without my son

Emil and Anatol




Son and father are still hardly accessible for each other. Anatol endeavours for help and allies inside and outside Ukraine. It is an exhausting fight: not only for the future of the child, but also against the mills of an arbitrary and dilapidated state apparatus.

Since the Maidan uprise, little has changed on the Soviet-styled system of lawlessness and legal nihilism. Reforms are taking place only on the surface.

Foremost, the arch-corrupt and dependent judiciary proves unreformable. It continues to be the instrument of rule and repression by influential oligarchs, bureaucrats and politicians - perverting every legally protected right.

It is a situation of anxiety and hope - in the midst of permanent crisis, stagnation and war ...



"Silent Night, Sorrowful Night" - A prize for the truth

In Germany, thousands of people have had to spend another Advent and Christmas season without their beloved children, grandchildren, nephews or cousins - in mourning and concern for their fate. For Emil and Elias, there has been no change for the better either in 2017. Both are missing again for half a year now.

Anatol's Christmas-Eve video message to the children ->

All Ukrainian authorities in charge promote or tolerate the kidnappings. And the German government does not stop giving cover for Ukraine's criminal and inhumane behaviour. Abducted children and their parents left behind desperately need their government's responsibility, power and support. Instead they face official indolence, indifference and mass deception - enabled by Chancellor Merkel and her entourage clinging to power in the most meaningless, unpatriotic way.

If there was a politician prize for love of "alternative" truth in the field of international child abduction, plenty of candidates in the German state apparatus would unquestionably deserve it. A prize for love of real truth, however, would go to a single unchallenged - and unlikely - contender: Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Justice Petukhov. For he is the only official in this dirty abduction business having clearly admitted: Ukraine returns no kidnapped child to Germany - and breaches the Hague Convention all along !

Deputy Minister of Justice Petukhov on television ->

The German government hides and denies this important fact until today. It continues to send its citizens without any preparation and support into child-return procedures that are materially and mentally ruinous and lead into nothing after long years. Those who deceive and lie to their own people are just as criminal as a cartographer who supplies falsified maps to his country's sailors on their way into the stormy sea.



EU Association Agreement - Ukraine's ongoing violation of law

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement comes into force. Thereby the lever which powerful Germany can apply to Kyiv's weak government has become even longer: The agreement requires the rule of law and respect for human rights in general - and compliance with the Hague Convention and child protection requirements in particular.

Neither in the long years of negotiations after Maidan Revolution in 2014 nor upon signing the agreement has Ukraine taken any effort to end its rigorous child-abduction and child-retention policies. In this field, violations of international law and human and children's rights unabatedly continue. Ukraine remains a safe haven for its citizens, who kidnap their own children from abroad.

A true Ukrainian national sport lies in eliminating foreign fathers from the lives and minds of their abducted children through official obstruction or repression. Parental victims from EU countries have repeatedly reported humiliation, discrimination and disregard by the Soviet-styled justice and administration - and that they are considered as troublemakers and enemies in this broken system. This is the experience Anatol and Uwe share as irreproachable (!) fathers for almost half a decade.

Especially perverse: By lifting the visa requirements, there is now freedom of travel for Ukrainian citizens in the Schengen area - while the arbitrary travel bans against EU children kidnapped to Ukraine persist !

In the way of an effective political and diplomatic initiative for Emil, Sabina and their German fellow sufferers stand arrogance, mendacity and political corruption of the bigwigs of Germany's Foreign Office and Federal Ministry of Justice.


With moral camouflage, Germany is run almost only by ideology and opportunism. The government vociferously supports Turkish journalists, Chinese dissidents, Burmese expellees, Polish opposition leaders, Ukrainian prisoners of war or friendly candidates in election campaigns of Western allies - but not the children in need of its own country !! Hungary is regularly pilloried for legally protecting its territory and its population against the mass influx of migrants on the Balkan route. For Ukraine's severe child-abduction crimes, however, there is carte blanche from Berlin.



Fourth anniversary of Emil's abduction

Emil's abduction comes to its fourth anniversary. The child grows up in poor conditions: practically as half-orphan, isolated and locked up, underdeveloped and undercared for, without promotion and life perspective, without continuity and stability. Both his monthly aliments and his top-end German private health insurance remain untouched by the abductor mother.

Though being powerful donor, Germany is reluctant to oppose Ukraine's child-abduction and child-retention policies. Consequently, Soviet-minded justice and administration in Kyiv block any of Anatol's attempts to make the wall around his beloved son permeable. Meanwhile on his 42nd abduction-related Ukraine journey, he even cannot hand over of Emil's birthday presents.

Benevolent police officers have bluntly told Anatol about the views and practice of Ukrainian authorities:

  • As foreigner in a family conflict, he stands on the same level of contempt as an illegal immigrant from sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Only the (selfish) mother interests count, while child welfare and paternal rights are consistently ignored. This means that foreign fathers are massively discriminated against by gender and nationality !
  • "Nobody will help you in this country!"


"Report Mainz" - Politically charged revelations

In Germany's renowned political television magazine "Report Mainz", the investigative journalist Anthes reveals the striking political aspects of Emil's and Sabina's abduction tragedies for the first time. Officially and in front of the camera, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Justice Petukhov admits: There have been 33 child-return claims from Germany so far, and yet not a single kidnapped German child has been sent back. Thus: The repatriation quota is zero !


  • Both fathers Uwe and Anatol receive virtually no official help and remain like stateless people left to themselves. The German Embassy in Kyiv rejects Uwe in front of the camera and declines any comment.
  • Ukrainian civil-rights campaigner and lawyer Pronin calls this kind of violation of international law an "absolute standard situation".
  • German lawyer Weisker recalls file censorship and restricted access to information "in consideration of international relations". Both is tantamount to breach of duty and political opportunism of the German authorities , which do not support their fellow citizens in any way.

"REPORT Mainz" ->

Towards millions of television viewers, it is now unequivocally clarified: Ukraine is boycotting the Hague Convention completely - supported by the German policy of toleration and surrender ! This crucial fact and the related figures are hidden from the applicants as long as possible in order to let them run into the void.



Court date without judge

Without further notice, Kyiv-Solomyanskiy's District Judge Kitsyuk does not show up for the court date for reviewing the inhumane, forceful father-son contact rules. This form of spontaneous "leave" is method of choice of the arch-corrupt judiciary to dodge the ongoing integrity checks.

In 2015, Kitsyuk has imposed the repressive 6-hour-per-month regime on Emil and Anatol (with habitual arbitrariness and no legal grounds). On top, she has been recently arrested by Kyiv's Patrol Police for reckless traffic obstruction, drunkenness and inappropriate public appearance.

Ukrainian television report on scandalous Kitsyuk ->

The scandal throws a spotlight on the antisocial milieu dominating Ukraine's judicial system - and thus determining children's fates, too. It has its peer among those German officials who have turned away from their own people, cover the child theft of Ukraine (and other abductor states), deny any perversion of law and thereby flaunt their contempt for man.

It is Anatol's 40th journey to Ukraine since Emil's abduction in 2013.



Renewed arrest warrant

In the light of Emil's critical situation, Munich's Prosecution Office renews the Interpol arrest warrant against Iryna.

Ukraine ignores it again - and even does not start a criminal investigation.




Repatriation claim - according to Hague Convention on International Child Abduction

With a heavy heart, Anatol submits an official child-return claim to Ukraine's Ministry of Justice via Germany's Federal Justice Agency (BfJ). It is based on the civilian Hague Convention on International Child Abduction of 1980, which has international legal status.

The Convention obliges the country of destination to immediately return an abducted child to the country of origin, which is assigned any custody settlement. In Emil's case, repatriation is absolutely mandatory, since

  • the child is retained on Ukrainian territory without its father's consent,
  • the child's father is in full possession of parental custody rights at the time of the kidnapping,
  • the child, as properly registered inhabitant and citizen of Germany, has its habitual residence in Munich County and
  • the return claim is filed within one year.

The BfJ states: Ukraine uses to cooperates well and to examine thoroughly, and observes the Convention "in principle". This will prove as deliberate deception - and opens the way into a deep political swamp of betrayal and corruption, arbitrariness and abuse of power, conspiracy and collaboration, falsification and censorship.

What is actually looming in Ukraine: a year-long show trial of Soviet style - with predetermined outcome.




Emil's birth

Emil is born as Iryna's and Anatol's son. In spite of its poor conditions, Iryna has chosen a dilapidated public hospital in Kyiv as place of birth. Food and medicine must be brought along, and a generous "patronage" payment to the birth doctor is due.

Family law forth, international law back ... What Anatol does not know yet - but Iryna all the better: It is the essential geographic condition, which will make the Ukrainian authorities always regard Emil as a purely native child.

This is the first act of the upcoming drama.



Wedding in Kyiv

Offspring is underway ! After some "everyday-life training" in Germany and months of bureaucratic obstacle course, Iryna and Anatol marry in Kyiv.

Prior to wedding, they have opted for Munich as center of life.




From the coastal path to the path of llife

Hiking for days along the Lycian coastal path between Antalya and Marmaris has brought Iryna and Anatol firmly together.

It is the prelude to a moving relationship - with plenty of commuting between Germany and Ukraine under the restrictive Schengen visa regime.




Gentle beginning

Iryna and Anatol meet for the first time as hikers in the Crimean Mountains east of Yalta.

What connects them right away: love for nature, passion for travel and a sense of family.

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